Fermenting Bin – How To Use And Care For

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A Fermenting Bin is part of your kit and dependent on how much wine making you go in for you may need two. The one shown is a 25 litre version and you probably won’t need one that big for winemaking. They always come with a completely removable lid for easy cleaning as well as clear side markings to help with volume measurements. As with all winemaking equipment make sure you wash and sterilise the equipment before and after use. For winemaking you might want a fermenting bucket with a fitted tap.
When using the bucket for initial fermentation you need to fit the lid loosely, this allows gases out but keeps vinegar flies out. There are also wine kits available where you can brew 30 bottles of wine without the need of a demijohn. The 30 bottle wine kit from ‘The Range’ is very good. See also demijohn.

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