How To Make Dandelion Wine

Dandelion wine recipe
Cut off the yellow parts of the flower heads, discard the green parts, (if added will give the wine a bitter aftertaste also it would hinder fermentation).
Disolve sugar into 5 pints/2.5 litres of boiling water.
Pour the syrup over the stripped back flower heads, sultanas, and orange pieces avoid adding any pith.
Leave mix for 2 days stirring a minimum of twice a day.
On day three stir strain off the flowers orange and sultana fragments into a sterile demijohn.
Add the yeast yeast nutrient and citric acid to the mixture.
Top up the demijohn with some cold water.
Adgitate the demijohn vigorously, fit airlock and move to a warm but dark place to ferment, shaking daily for 3 days.
When fermentation is complete leave wine to clear (no more agitating the wine).
Rack the wine and top up with cold water or apple juice then add a crushed Campden tablet.
Leave to mature in a cool place racking at 3 month intervals.
After the wine clears bottle on.
This wine is drinkable at 9 months but leave it at least 6 months after bottling.

Preparation time: 45 minutes

Initial fermentation time: 14 days

Time to be ready to drink: 12 months

Sweetness: Medium dry

Calories per bottle: 400 approx

Yield: 6 bottles

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