Pectolase Or Pectic Enzyme – What Is The Difference

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When Pectolase or Pectic Enzyme is added to the must before fermentation takes place, it will help to break down the fruit and ensure a good juice extraction.
It also removes pectin which is a gelling agent useful when making jam but not when making wine. It will also prevent pectin haze and enhances the wine flavour.
Pectinase is an enzyme that breaks down pectin, and is a polysaccharide found in walls of plant cells.
Pectic enzyme is commonly used in the processes of the degradation of plant materials, such as speeding up the extraction of fruit juice, which we homemade wine buffs are interested in.
We use pectolase in brewing at the first step, to help break down the fruit and so help the extraction of the flavours. We recommend adding the first pectolase 24 hours before adding the yeast.
The second effect of using pectolase is, fresh fruit and vegetables have a high pectin content.
Without using pectolase, a pectin haze could form and stop the wine from clearing, so always use a pectolase when starting your must so as to remove pectin haze before filtration or bottling. Basically with the use of pectolase comes enhanced taste clarity and flavour of your wine.

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