Tannin In Wine What Wine Makers Need To Know

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Tannin in grape wine is a major contributor to the flavour (especially red wine). Tannins are present in grape skins.
Wine tannin is used to add a kind of zest and also help preserve wine. Its a key ingredient in wine along with, alcohol, acidity and fruit or vegetable.
The ageing of wine is key to its final taste and tannins are vital to the ageing process. Its the wine tannins that restructure the wine to be more palatable or smoother.
The type of ingredients homemade wine makers use may lack this ingredient. So extra wine tannin is often needed in non-grape wines.
Also did you know that an alternative to tannin is stewed tea (no milk or sugar). So try using using tea if you’ve got no wine tannin available.

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