Keep Homemade Wine Records for Best Results

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Keep Homemade Wine Records

Keep Homemade Wine Records

Its a really good practice to document what you have been doing. Record dates times important milestones rate your wine. What you think you did right and what you think you did wrong. Basically just docment anything that you are likely to forget either in the near future or much later. Don’t forget that it could be 5 or 10 years down the line when you look back at your records. You may be the kind of person who has fads and when you go back to winemaking years later how good would it be to be able to refer back to your old ledgers. So for those reasons and more not even mentioned here its always a good idea to keep records.
An example of the need for records is you may have made a homemade wine and added citric acid, but when you come to make that wine in one two or three years time you can’t possibly remember with any certainty what recipe you followed and how much if any you deviated from the recipe. You may not have had enough of one ingredient and decided to use something else to make the recipe work. If you don’t write these things down then next time you come to make it you can’t really compare as you may not be comparing the exact recipe.
You can also score your wine and then when you look back through your records you’ll know wether to try a tweek or two to improve it, and use the successful parts in future wine recipes.

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